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Vohra Wound Care

Advance Your Career With a Wound Care Certification

• An education and certification program for the working professional
• Earn the Vohra Wound Certified Nurse (VWCN™) distinction
• 20 Continuing Nursing Education credits (CNEs)
• Lifetime access to online education modules
• One low price for the leading Wound Care Education Program & Certification
• Access to a professional community of wound physicians, nursing professionals and students

Based on decades of experience, Vohra’s team of specialty wound care physicians developed this practical wound education to help you accelerate your nursing career and deliver better care, regardless of clinical setting. This educational program provides the training needed to properly care for wounds in the geriatric population. Vohra’s physicians know that knowledge, skill and proper training are critical to achieving superior clinical results. We believe every patient, family, nurse, and caregiver can be empowered through education. Hundreds of thousands of people have already benefited from this course and the knowledge we have shared.

The program is offered exclusively online and consists of 11 core modules, 2 bonus modules, individual quizzes, downloadable study guides, and a final exam. The Vohra Wound Care Course is nationally recognized, it is self-paced, and it is the most widely used and least expensive path to wound care certification nationwide.


Two options for Certification:

• Wound Care Certification for facility-based nurses: 13 total modules, 20 ANCC CNE credits, $650  $600 with PROMO CODE >> Register Now
• Wound Care Certification for home-based nurses:  11 total modules,  16 ANCC CNE credits,  $450  $400 with PROMO CODE>> Register Now

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The CNE credits earned through the program are approved by the Maryland Nurses Association (MNA) and recognized by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). The ANCC accreditation signifies that educational activities approved by MNA meet national standards for quality continuing nursing education. Having said that, please note that the state licensing boards of California and Iowa have some exceptions to their acceptance.

Who can earn a Certification from Vohra?

• Registered Nurses (RN)
• Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN)
• Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN)
• Nurse Practitioners (NP)
• Physician Assistants (PA)
• Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)
• Doctors (MD/DO)
• Anyone who wants to learn more about wound care!
Note: Allied health professionals including physicians, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and medical assistants are eligilble to take the course and earn the certification. However, the continuing education credits are only offered to nurses, that includes RNs, LPNs, LVNs, ARNPs.

Wound Care is a highly sought-after competency for nurses practicing in long term care facilities and for home health nurses caring for patients in the home. By completing Vohra’s Wound Care Certification Program, participants take a large step toward becoming wound care experts.

Nurses with a Wound Care Certification can assist physicians and also treat wounds directly, improving patient outcomes significantly. Not only do trained wound nurses help improve patient quality of life, they help nursing facilities and home health agencies minimize the risk of citations and infractions for pressure ulcers. Patients under the care of a certified wound nurse rarely need to leave their regular place of treatment to visit wound care centers or hospitals, where such trips often overexert the patient and are expensive for the facility and payor. Additionally, wound training improves patient outcomes and quality of life, and minimizes the need for costly and often traumatic wound treatment in the long-term. For these reasons and countless others, nurses certified in wound care are a valuable asset to any patient care team.

The Vohra Certification Program for Wound Care focuses on a variety of wound care topics including:
• Acute and Chronic Wounds
• Atypical Wounds
• F686 Regulatory Requirements
• Geriatric Skin Conditions
• Infection Control
• Management & Treatment of Vascular Ulcers
• Nutrition
• Support Surfaces
• Wound Care Treatment Options
• Wound Healing
• Wound Rounds & Assessment
• Delayed Wound Healing
• Prevention of Re-hospitalizations

About Vohra:

Founded in 2000, Vohra Wound Physicians is the largest wound care specialty practice focused exclusively on the post-acute sector, and the premier provider and employer in wound management. The company employs nearly 300 wound physicians, uses innovative, proprietary technologies, and provides improved wound healing to patients across the U.S.

Vohra delivers comprehensive wound care by offering bedside and telemedicine clinical services, wound dressings, education and wound care certification, and predictive, augmented intelligence driven decision tools. The company provides care to hundreds of thousands of patients annually across 30 states and maintains strong partnerships with nearly 3,000 post-acute care facilities. Supported by proprietary technologies and extensive, ongoing physician training, Vohra delivers results including a 21-day improvement in healing time and an 88% reduction in wound-related hospitalizations.

More information about the company and instructors are here: https://cert.vohrawoundcare.com/about-us/