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Every aspiring nursing student needs a laptop in order to get an abundance of work done. Schools that off free laptops for nursing students are a great way to save big on one of the most expensive items any student needs in this day and age. Here are several colleges that offer free laptops just for enrolling.

1. Southern Nazarene University

Not only do they offer a robust nursing program, but students get to choose between three different free laptops. You can choose a Dell if you like windows, and there are two different Macbooks if you prefer Apple. This is one of the most advantageous schools with free laptops for nursing students since you get to keep it after you graduate.

The school itself is a private, Christian university that has a 100% acceptance rate. The campus is located in Bethany, Oklahoma. They also offer online classes if you would rather not travel. The professors are known to be kind, and thoughtful, to all students who attend their classes. Overall, this school is an excellent choice for more than just free laptops.

2. Wake Forest University
Wake Forest offers free laptops for nursing students who get accepted into one of their programs. The only catch is that you must return the free laptop after you graduate. While this may seem like a bummer, they give you a free device exactly when you need it most.

The campus is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. You must take your classes in person but this offers the opportunity to make stronger connections with your peers. The classes are small which means you get a more personalized teaching experience from each professor. The result is a school that offers a solid education along with free laptops for nursing students.

3. Northwest Missouri State University
This is another degree program that asks students to return their free laptops upon graduation. Considering the quality of each machine, it is well worth the trade-off. As long as you stay in good standing with the school, you can enjoy your free laptop for the duration of your tenure.

As you may have guessed, the campus is located in Northern Missouri. There are tons of local attractions and landmarks to visit during your stay. The school prides itself on ensuring each student is ready for a job the moment they leave. In addition to the free laptops for nursing students, each enrollee will also receive a world-class education.

The campus is completely decked out in Roman Catholic aesthetics. The school is located in the middle of New York City. This means there is a nearly unlimited amount of things you can do during your free time. It has a great track record of students going on to be leaders in their chosen fields. If you want to ensure your success while enjoying free laptops, then St. John’s nursing program is a great option.

4. St. John’s University
St John’s offers three different free laptops for nursing students. You can choose between a MacBook Pro, a ThinkPad L380, or the ThinkPad L380 Yoga edition. If you graduate from the University with at least a Bachelor’s degree, you get to keep the laptop permanently. This is a great incentive to stick out a degree program as free laptops aren’t easy to come by.

5. University of Minnesota-Crookston
This midwest university offers free laptops to each of their students on their first day. As long as you attend in person, you get a free HP laptop to call your own. Upon graduation, you can keep your new computer for as long as you like.

This prestigious university offers a beautiful campus in cozy Minnesota. The Crookston location is home to several athletic clubs. You also get access to a vast library to help further your studies. All in all, this school is a great choice for aspiring nurses who desire a free laptop.

6. Bethel University
Bethel offers a free Google Chromebook to all students. You get the same free laptop regardless of whether you attend in person os stay home. When you graduate, you get to keep the Chromebook as a token of all that you accomplished.

The campus is located in Minneapolis-St, Paul. There is a huge emphasis on faith and all Christians are admitted freely. They put emphasis on a strong work ethic in addition to a thorough understanding of the source material. Students who attend this school will be more than prepared for their first nursing job.

This University is located in Shreveport, Louisiana. They have a huge emphasis on nursing and other medical programs. If you want to take your education further, Centenary graduates have a 90% acceptance rate when applying for medical school. This ensures you get an excellent education as well as a free laptop.

7. Centenary College
All students who attend in-person get to choose a free laptop. You can opt for a MacBook Pro with a 13.2-inch screen, or you can pick a Toshiba with a 15.6-inch screen. No matter what you choose, you get to keep the free laptop as long as you graduate.