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Factors To Consider When Selecting A Nursing School

Factors Matter When Choosing A Nursing School

It might seem like a really stressful process to pick the perfect nursing school to attend, but if you know the necessary factors to consider, it doesn’t have to be. While actively researching nursing schools, there are three significant questions that you have to ask.

1. “What should I look out for?”
2. “How much does it cost?”
3. “Do they offer the specialty I want?””

Properly vetting a school before applying is very important because a quality program could set the tone for a great nursing career. Your friends at AspiringNurse.com are dedicated to helping nursing students in enter into this vast field of study.

Other Important Points To Consider

Cost of Nursing School

Although this should not deter you from picking a nursing school, you should have a good idea of the cost of obtaining a nursing education. Every student deserves a shot at getting the nursing education they dream, no matter their financial capacity. You should know that the cost varies based on the type of institution, where the school is situated, the availability of scholarships and more. Schools also provide nursing scholarships to help students with a percentage of the tuition fees. These schemes are created to lend a helping hand to potential students. Other options for nursing students include work-study programs, federal financial aid e.t.c. Therefore, a student should consider the amount they can get through scholarships, with how much they personally afford and the amount of debt they can take on before choosing a nursing school.

Approval and Accreditation

Do you know it is very important to find an accredited nursing school? Here’s why! If the nursing school you attend is not approved by the state board of nursing, their students would not be allowed to sit for the National Council Licensure Exam, which includes you. By now, you should know that every nursing student has to pass this exam to become a registered Nurse. Therefore, if you cannot sit for it, you would not be able to receive your nursing license.

Also, the easiest path to attending accredited schools for your advanced studies is graduating from another accredited one. You need to complete advanced courses to become a nurse educator, practitioner, nurse midwife or nurse anaesthetist.  The schools who offer advanced studies do not accept transfer of credits from an unaccredited program. Some institutions even only consider applicants that graduated from a CCNE-, Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN)-, or Commission for Nursing Education Accreditation (CNEA)-accredited program. Generally, healthcare employers are more interested in hiring graduates of an accredited school with national-standard training.

Passing the NCLEX

This is an important step in grading how your preferred school compares to the national average first-time pass rate of the nursing licensure exam. Based on a survey, it was established that in 2017, students who graduated with a bachelor’s degree had a national average first-time pass rate of 90%. These are the schools to watch out for as an aspiring nurse.

The NCLEX is a highly rated qualification exam for nursing students and passing this exam in one sitting should be everyone’s priority. However, you should note that passing your NCLEX is totally up to you irrespective of what a nursing school’s first time NCLEX pass rate is. NCLEX is the acronym for National Council Licensure Examination and is a requirement for every nurse in any state. The cost of the exam is at least $200 with additional fees based on the state you live in. It is most economical to pass your exam at your first take. You can find out the pass rates of the best rated nursing schools around you and beyond. Those with the best rates have been said to be most successful in getting their students ready for the nursing practice.  

Rigorous Curriculum Standards

It takes a lot of intensive to train nursing personnel and you should pick a school with a rigorous curriculum that enables you get all the skills you need to succeed. A good nursing school should have a standard curriculum with activities as you move along the classes. Therefore, you should choose a program with NCLEX preparation integrated into their curriculum. Taking standardized tests before the exam can help with learning the tips and tricks of writing it. After graduation, a review course is a good way to facilitate an understanding of strategies specific to solving NCLEX-style questions. You can even try tests that are modelled like this national exam to help you create the feeling months before you sit for it.

Selecting a Specialty

There are students who already have their minds made up on the scope of nursing to specialize in. While some others are still looking to keep their options open. It is good to have an idea of your most likely specialty because this could have a bearing on the kind of program you would be choosing. You might want one with extra classes and more clinical time in specialties like acute care, cardiovascular, pediatric, surgical or neonatal nursing. A program with a wide array of courses would be better suited for students without a clear path. A student has to be in an advanced-level program before he/she can specialize. In nursing, advanced practices require a certain degree or qualification before they can be licensed. Therefore, endeavour to complete a basic course before applying for a specialized training program. You can consult AspiringNurse.com to find out more about nursing programs and ask questions on topics you find confusing.

Criteria for Selecting A School

The criteria for selecting a nursing school to attend almost never change. If you have an active interest in being a healthcare professional, helping people and working in a medical unit, building a career in nursing is an amazing way to channel your passions into making a positive impact. To be able to work as a nurse, first, you should obtain an education to learn the necessary skills for the job. These are some criteria to consider when selecting the best nursing school for you:

  • Is the program accredited?
  • Does the school’s program align with my career path?
  • Does the school focus on a broad range of nursing specialties?
  • How much clinical rotation time is offered?
  • Does the school have access to the latest equipment?
  • NCLEX and other licensing pass rates?
  • How is the schools career placement program?

Once you meet their prerequisites and admission requirements, you simply have to apply, carry out the important admission procedures and wait for a positive response. Believe in your abilities to become a top-rated nurse. You can do it!

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