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Coping with stress the first year

Erika and Jordan describe their stressful first year and how they overcame it


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2 responses to “Coping with stress the first year”

  1. Romi Weiss says:

    I’m currently a high school junior… my grades aren’t great and I’m really stressing out about it. I’ve wanted to be a nurse since freshman year but I’m scared my grades won’t be enough. I’ve been volunteering with kids who have mental disabilities for a few years and I tried to volunteer at a hospital (i got into the program but COVID delayed my entry). what tips do you have for getting into a nursing program? did you struggle with good grades in high school or in college? do you think that affects how good of a nurse you are?

    • Romi-

      Start volunteering at your local Red Cross and get into a CNA program. You can also start at a local community college. By volunteering and attending at a community college, you will be able to apply what you learn. If you
      learn by doing, you will do well.

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